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Portraits by Casey Dunn


Illustrator and artist based in Austin, TX.

How Does He Make Money?

You can hire Will to work with your company, brand, agency, school, or just you. He likes to work on illustration and animation projects, murals, events, apparel, products, social media content, and gallery installations. He also is available for speaking engagements, workshops, and most projects that are fun.


Squiggles, Humor, Pattern, Wacky, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Dad Jokes, NPR, Wiggly, Bowling Alley Carpets, Porta Potty Branding, Basketball, Talking Heads, Googly Eyes, Michael Jordan, Space Jam, Snacks, #HAILSTATE.


Selected Clients



The Great Discontent, 2016.
The Design Kids, 2016.
The Athletic Community, 2016.
Urban Outfitters, 2015.
Backyard Bill, 2015.
GOOD Magazine, 2014.
Portland Supply Co, 2014.
Nothing Major, 2013.
Threadless Made, 2013.
Sight Unseen, 2013.
Poketo, 2013.
WeMake, 2012


MFA, Contemporary Art Practice ∙ Portland State University, 2013.
BFA, Graphic Design ∙ Mississippi State University, 2008.


 Available Work